Jeff Healey

Canada and the music world lost a real treasure on Sunday. Jeff Healey died of cancer. The guy was an amazing guitarist and musician.

Let’s not forget the gig he had in Road House either.

Truly, a sad day. Back in my days of university, I remember booking Jeff Healy and Colin James for the U of Windsor “Subway Pub” pub back in '86 (days of vinyl). That was a great night of rock and blues.

R.I.P. Jeff

I always wondered, “How can a man be strong”, but now I think Jeff can “See the Light”

One of my favorites by the man and shows his style well.

RIP Jeff Healey

I was there in '91. Had a lot of fun there.

He appeared on stage here in Gananoque several times over the last decade or so. Very entertaining. My ears are still ringing!! :mrgreen: