Jerry Peck launches Pretty good message board IMHO.

Should be a good future site,as I see him on Inspector news all the time,and he knows his stuff.

Mr Peck is a sharp guy, this should be a great resource to HI’s and all other industry pros.

Just wanted to stop in, say hi, and invite you to visit where you can ask questions you might have.

I look forward to you stopping by and asking questions.

Thank you Nick for introducing to your members.

Jerry Peck

Thanks Jerry. The new site looks good.

Jerry is a wealth of information and very helpful.

Jerry, Thank you for providing us with a great resource and for always sharing your knowledge with us.

Just wanted to stop back by and thank all of you who have already registered on - Thank you.

And to make sure that all of the others know they are welcome to register and ask questions too.

Thank you,

Jerry Peck