Jim Bushart to leave the ESOP

Due to personal unforeseen reasons Jim Bushart will leave the ESOP.

98% of you really don’t understand what he did and his contributions as a member of the ESOP. I will not try and explain all the positive things he did at this time. Yes he was very vocal and spoken among the general membership but that was his personality.

These past years I have spent working with him on countless tasks were made simple because he knew how to handle all situation’s and back you. I will miss his has a fellow ESOP member.

Jim’s son who is in the War in Iraq needs our prayers and his father at this time.

Good luck Jim!

Jim, best wishes. Your family is in my prayers.

Yes, it would be my pleasure to include Jim’s loved ones in my prayers…God’s speed.

i think a great replacement would be Larry Kage.

Family takes priority over anything. I wish your family all the best. God Bless and from one soldier to another he’ll always be backed as if he was a brother to me and he’ll always be in my prayers.


God Bless All…Jim

I may be Canadian but I have nothing but the utmost respect for any soldier who steps up and protects peoples freedoms without question? Jim , you and your family are in our prayers.

Hope all is well Jim.

Ditto what Ben said (and everyone else also)…I too hope everything is alright Jim…!!

Hope all is O.K.

I hope all is well with your son Jim. Any man or woman in uniform is a hero. Your son is in Iraq fighting for all of us and we are proud of him.


Our prayers are with you and yours…God Bless you and your family!

Thanks to everyone. I can only hope to be as good as you guys here at INACHI.

Thank you for your kind words, prayers, and thoughts.

My son, Chris, has spent the last 17 months with the 173rd Airborne in Afghanistan attached to special forces. This was his third tour of combat duty (2nd in Afghanistan with another in Iraq) and his unit was scheduled to return to their home base in Italy on 7/19 (four days from now).

On 7/13, their camp was overrun by Taliban and 9 U.S. soldiers were killed. Many more were severely wounded. I was able to find out that one of the nine who were killed were from St. Louis, but it was several agonizing hours later that I learned that Chris had not been hurt.

I cannot describe my feelings, even now, for my relief was quickly overshadowed from sharing the pain being experienced by my son and the families who lost nine friends/sons/husbands in one terrible battle.

My daughter-in-law and granddaughter are in Italy anxiously waiting the arrival of my son …while the Army is returning home from Italy several of the wives and children of those who were killed…so that they can be back to the U.S. when the bodies arrive for burial.

A totally different homecoming…where the anticipation of joyful reunion quickly evolved into a nightmare for these young families.

Please pray for our soldiers and their families. Their quiet and steady sacrifices go hardly noticed by so many.

Thanks for everything James.

From a fellow military parent, my thoughts are with your son’s unit and their family.

This is unconfirmed but it is my understanding that Jim’s son in unit 173 rd was overrun by members of the Taliban in which 9 soldier’s are reported dead and one was from St.Louis. Jim is sure it was not his son but wow just think about their families.

The war in Iraq is real. We at INACHI must stop and come together now. I prey all members, x-members, and guests will help end all of our disagreements.

I am very sure we can repair our damages. We can re-unite our loss but will take all of us to help the families who have lost so much in the War of Iraq.

James Bushart.

My friend and confidant here at NACHI for several years.

A real man of integrity. A man who would stand shoulder to shoulder with you.

Many of you only know Jim from the sometimes caustic and sarcastic displays on this message board. Most do not know Jim for the caring and ultra-intelligent person he truly is. Believe me, there is no one I’d rather have in my corner than Jim Bushart.

Jim served this country in the armed forces for many years. For those who do not know, Jim was involved in the JAG Corps, and was involved in many legal proceedings. Top flight.

I knew that Jim had a son on active duty. I did not know what he did or where he was stationed.

Around two years ago, I recall Jim wanting a way to re-enlist in the armed forces, as a way to serve his country once again. His comments were that the government should allow those who are beyond active combat years to re-enlist and to find duties for these seasoned individuals to fullfill. He wanted to serve, once again. Somehow. Someway.

I was stunned.

But not nearly as stunned as I am after reading Jim’s resignation from ESOP.

Not because he has resigned, but WHY.

I am typing this with tears in my eyes.

For I speak to Jim at least once or twice a day.

We laugh and joke around. We speak of NACHI issues. We speak of inspections, and the industry.

I always like making Jim laugh.

I spoke to Jim yesterday and today.

At no time did he tell me he was resigning.

At no time did Jim mention his son.

At no time did Jim want to burden me with his personal issues and what he must have been going through.

My God…

My heart goes out to you, my friend. You are in my prayers, as are your son and his family.


Well said Joe, thanks for all your support and wisdom.

O’Fallon, Mo. man dies in Afghanistan

This is the brave young soldier Frank. I very much agree, if you are in support of the war or against it, All of those serving our country and risking their lives deserve our up-most respect and thanks.