Jim Bushart to leave the ESOP

Prayers from my family to you and family, Jim.


I’m sorry to hear the sad news,… its bitter sweet to learn your loved one is safe but also that knowing other soldiers families got the worst news they could ever endure… prayers for all who serve our country. Hug your son tight when he gets home Bro!



I too wish you and your family well!

I’ll add him to my prayers. His third tour though? Is he done now?

These guys are NEVER done, Nick.

My neighbor’s son is going back for #3

He hopes to be home a year before he has to go back, again.


Joe is right. I’m on my fifth or six I believe fifth trip of my career to the desert that’s not including other TDY’s. Just got word that these trips are going to six month rotations and I could very well be on another one mid next year. It’s getting rough especially on the family. However I knew what to expect when I joined and I wouldn’t give back a moment of any experience I’ve ever gained from all this.


Billy, All military get their InterNACHI dues waived the year they return… keep your head down.

You the MAN Billy. Thanks for your service.

Thanks, Joe.

When the last chapter has been written and the pages of NACHI are closed, when home inspectors in North America have moved beyond the subserviant level we are at today into something better and greater than what we can now imagine, our history will show that there were two separate and distinct natures that were “NACHI”.

One part was hardly more than message board glitz, glamor and hyperbole…the other, the blood, the bone and the guts upon which one could actually build a meaningful and relevant association and, ultimately, an ethical profession.

Joe Farsetta…all alone and by himself… is that second part. Joe stands out as one of the most respected men in many home inspection circles that transcend all home inspection associations.

I am proud that we are friends and I look forward to more laughs.

As a milatary member and a INACHI member, I thank you and your son for your service here and for our country AND world. SEMPER FI

I couldn’t had said it better.
He is one of the reasons why the Missouri Association of Realtors has not succeeded in harming the unexpecting consumer but the way of home inspection licensing in Missouri.
I am very glad that it was not his son who died. A good man like that should not experience that kind of pain.

There is so much that I want to write!

I will start by saying that several times each day I pray for our American Servicemen and women! I am sincere when I say that I do this each and every day!

  • Your son has been in my prayers!

  • My heart sank when I found out that he was in this terrible battle! I am so happy that he was not PHYSICALLY injured!

  • I know that he, like all combat veterans will be dreaming about and reliving this battle until the end of his days here on Earth!
    I would also like to say that like Joe… I also consider you a friend and I respect and admire ALL of the time, effort and HARD WORK that you have put into NACHI!

  • Our members have no idea of what a true and LOYAL friend that you are to NACHI!
    I for one hope that Joe does NOT accept your resignation! NACHI and especially The ESOP committee needs your wit and intellect!

  • I also understand how weary you are!

  • “We” the ESOP committee have been under a constant and VICIOUS attack for several months now and it has only gotten worse!
    The lack of support has been telling and draining! Once again I and all of the rest of us understand how weary you are of this thankless job!

Once again, I hope that you reconsider and most of all I am so happy that you son lived through this terrible battle!

May God Bless you … and may God Bless your son!

Warmest Regards… Your friend… Frank Carrio

Let’s not forget that the good guys won this battle! As we mourn those who gave their lives for the down trodden people of Afghanistan and for us, let us celebrate that the forces of freedom, the men and women of all the allied nations stood their ground and threw back those evil men who would return that poor land and her people to the chaos of the dark ages.

God bless them and thank them for their service to our Countries.

Ditto, All the best to you and yours Jim.

There will be some mighty big shoes to fill here at NACHI.

All the best Jim, thanks.

Best wishes to you and your Son Jim.