Job shadowing

Hi folks:
I am looking for an inspector to let me follow him for few inspections. I live in Mississauga so the cities surrounding should be fine. pleease email me at for further negotiation.

Thank you

best would be to find a few guys atleast 1.5 to 2 hours away, and call and see if you can do a ride along with them.
a few things to remimber when your with the inspector
its there job so don’t offer advice to the client
if you find anything, tell the inspector aside from the client
buy lunch or dinner
bring the coffee if morning
meet somewhere along the way to drop your car so inspector can pick you up and arrive in his truck or van
if your taking pictures have the inspector look at them as well, they are technically his untill he gives them to you.
and do not give the realestate agent one of your cards so they know who you are.
If the inspector does ask you to do some items like check the outlets then do all with a smile on your face
i’m sure there are more items that can be added but I am tired at this moment so this is it for the time being

Hi William:
Thank you very much for your advice. I will do that and I was going to pay to shadow some one.


Good advice Bill.:slight_smile: