Hello, I recently graduated from Allied Schools for Home Inspecting. I am also a Licensed General Contractor in the state of California.

Can anyone give me any information on where I can apply for a job?

Thank you!

As a General Contractor?
Please fill in your profile and do you mean how does one start a business use the site and read everything or do you just want a phone number to call so you can start making $250,000 a year like the rest of us?

Before I can be of any further assistance, I have a question for you, or two.

How many of these InterNACHI courses have you completed (passed) so far?

Including InterNACHI video courses?

Really, I’m just looking for a little direction as far as a possible place where Inspection companys might post help wanted.

Try contacting the multiple inspection companies in your area.

  • US Inspect
  • Pillar to Post
  • HouseMaster
  • Inspect It 1st
  • etc…

I guess Allied does not do much of a job training if guys think they are getting into this to be hired by someone.

Local unemployment office.

Also Allied offers a Free Professional Membership to InterNACHI. Apparently without taking any of INachi’s courses.

It is a bit tough right now! I honestly do not think you are going to find any companies hiring inexperienced inspectors let alone experienced ones.

Come on man, give me a break! I need experience in the business process. I need ride alongs, and to be able to see the day to day operation in order to truley learn.

Not true I had to take the same tests you did!

Thank you for the help!

$250K? What did you do, semi-retire?