Joe F. is also in chargwe of CMI??

My mother always said the MT wagon makes the most noise and Lewis shows every day how correct my mother was.

And Roy proves my point. Wendy long ago proved that Roy can be lead around by posts and people he doesn’t agree with, disagreement to Roy is like the Bell hung around the Head Sheeps neck, he just can’t help but to follow it.

It would seem that …you Roy have lost your mind.

I think that we could change this place… Phone call from on of the Gods!!!

I love this place!

You are idiots and you let joe. f and Gromicko run your biz…

Fools you are… listen to RR and folks like Gerry B. they will lead you in the correct dirrection. I think I have one more day to post… Take your kids home as it is going to be very informative… And, I might have a special report about our "I think I know it all"teachers

I -pay nothing… Why should I??? i have recieved zero from NACHI’s Web presence in the last 3 years…If you think for one second that the NACHI owned web sites are helping you . Well then do a ping and see how many of your hits come from nachi. I dare you!

The sheep… I can’t see the road due to the sheep.:wink:

Many very small people use a soother for compfort and you need NACHI as your soother for compfort .
So sorry you have no friends to communicate with .
You need NACHI like other babies need a warm glass of milk.
I am so glad we are here for you to get so much comfort from .
Glad to give you a bit of help .
If you lived closer I would come and tuck you in a night .
Do you still type with one hand well you suck your thumb?

If it was not for people like you Roy I would be in deep trouble.:roll:

17 more days.:D:D

Now I understand why Mr. Allen is getting out of the biz. A good thing for consumers to be sure.

To be sure…47% of my repete Realators only called me when the home in question was for them or there family members.:shock:

Poor consumers.

MR. Roy, I wish you the best.

Oh boy, got a good one from one of the ESOP ( I wonder who) ?

That would be a red square…:roll:

What kind of looser post this kind of crap??

Hey Frank, was this you? If not please post… Freak!

It seems strange to me, but do you think a person that would post this crap is sober???

If so, I am really afraid of this person.

I think I am complaining to the ESOP commity about this post… I think you should raine in all people allowed to have crayons Joe F. and I think you should do it now!!!:twisted:

Hey there crayon boy, my Moms said it was not her so, you are a lying piece of ****.

I tell you what, if none stands up against this fool I will stop posting… Period.

Is that what you really want? LOL… me too…

As I do not know how to make a formall coplaint I would like to put a complaint in on this individual… Post haste!!!


That has happened to me with 7-8 realtors in the past year. Had met them on inspections where the buyer hired me without using the realtors list of HI’s. Gave the realtor cards; never received a referred inspection from them but they hired me for themselves, a daughter and a brother. One realtor building a 6,000 sq ft house just about across the road from my place has called me twice on his new construction- once to try and get around a new code item involving some building science (the rainscreen) and to find out if I wished to quote on his heat recovery ventilation system…NO THANKS!!!

Well, in my case the Realtors wanted “every” detail noted as they wanted there cohorts to get the best deal…Kinda funny really.

Well, would you?

I have been here for too long and I have seen the results of the current ESOP… It is my friends a debacle and should be fixed, Kinda like our current administration of idiots :Bush , Cheney" They remind me of one another.:(:(:(:(:frowning:

J.F. should be impeached and all his muppets shout go with him.

I know, lets say we have a member vote and the results stand!!! That is never going to happen as J.F was already booted, but here he is with all hi loyel idiots. I am sad for NACHI members.:(:(:frowning:

Todd, I appointed Joe Farsetta to MICB’s COE Chair a long time ago. John McKenna can replace him if he wants to.

Head of COE is no fun which is why I don’t want any parts of it myself. I tried to keep L. Capaul at NACHI and would gladly provide a statement supporting his appeal (if he files one). But I myself saw copies of him bashin the hell out of us on another message board.

I don’t know for sure, but my understanding is that you can bash NACHI till the cows come home in members-only. There is no limit to how brutal you can be. You have to ease up a bit in the open-to-all sections of the message board though and stick to making logical arguments rather than personal attacks (like you can in members-only). And on other message boards, my understanding is that COE committee gives very little rope. In summary, COE committee allows everyone to get away with murder in members-only, but almost nothing on some other competing message board. I never read this or was told this… it’s just my impression, so I may be wrong.

All those CMI God’s say:

Lewis, Lewis who?


Give it a rest and move on…

P.S. Speaking of bashing and name calling… Anyone can call me anything they want anywhere they want… just don’t call me late for a hot meal :smiley: .