Joe Farsetta Doing CMI Monthly Meeting

Joe Farsetta will be doing the next monthly CMI meeting on Tues, Jan 1st, 2008… 8pm CST…Watch for more information…coming soon… bet you can’t guess what he will be teaching on???.. :slight_smile:


Just taking a wild wild west I mean a wild guess here John but I would have to say Commercial Inspections!:stuck_out_tongue:

hhhmmm could be …:slight_smile:

Hmmm…That’s great, I like Commercial Inspections…:smiley:

For some bizarre reason…:lol:


I did three commercial inspections last week and I’m beginning to agree with you. I get more money for commercial inspections and I enjoy doing them.

See what talking to you did!!:shock:

Holy Smokes, Rocky…


How does this meeting function, log-in to the CMI site and go where?


Yes… go to the CMI forum and pre register.
Then at 8pm cst… on the first Tuesday of every month, go to the
forum and click on the LIVE CHAT button at the top of page.

That’s it.

Normally, the class instructor will post a topic outline/link for
everyone to look at 5-6 days before the meeting. Sometime
we run a little late on the pre-meeting information getting online…:mad:

I will announce it when the pre-meeting info gets posted.

BTW… Hank has set up the live chat room with audio capabilities
so we can talk to each other live. I have not used it, so I am
not sure how it works.

Thank You John, I will try to be there, sounds interesting.

You and Hank have put a lot effort into this program as I have gathered the last few days, two great guys always helping others…!!


I do apologize for not having the outline ready. This was kinda thrown at me yesterday. I am contstantly tweeking the Commercial course, and this month is no different, preparing things for my Texas and Ohio trips.

I wasnt sure what I was going to chat about this month. We could do Commercial or Water Quality.

Me thinks that some commercial info will be forthcoming. So, this is 9:00 pm New Years Day?

Someone’s gotta give me the numbers, access codes, instructions, etc.

Simply go to
and post a little outline or link to prime the meeting.
(post in the General forum section).

Then on Tuesday at 8pm cst… go to the LIVE CHAT
button at the top of the page and teach and chat.

Thats it.

You can contact Hank if you need help.
(he is the webmaster)


Your access is the same as when you registered on the CMI MB. I have up graded you to instructor. If you plan on using voice broad cast you may want to try it out before hand. If you need a special forum or limit let me know.

I thought it was a voice broadcast. No?


Up to this point, it has been a live chat (text) meeting.
Hank has added a voice broadcast function recently, but I have not used it.

Voice broadcast is available thats why i suggested that you test it out first. My site has full audio chat or broadcast.