Joe Ferry Class Was Great

I just went to Joe Ferry’s class on ‘law and disorder’… it was very good.

Sure was. Some good info. Made me rethink alot of the legal verbage. Some needs added, some needs deleted, and some needs edited.

I’m glad you boys in Texas enjoyed it, but I’m glad Joe’s back. He sits in the room next to me at InterNACHI.

After seeing Joe for the first time, he seemed to have a very warm and
friendly nature about him. I learned a lot from his class.

What? You had a different perception of him from his posts? What?, I don’t understand…:cool:

Nick, you need to get a better mug shot of Joe on his seminar flyer type email. He looks so much younger in person.

My natural dislike for lawyers blocked my brain waves…:mrgreen:

I went to the Dallas class on 4/22. Joe was great and I’ve already got a client referral from one of the Texas guys in the class that ended up being a $758 inspection up here in KC.

I alos went to the class. It was an excellent source of information for anyone (like who isn’t) about potential litigation.

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Central Tennessee InterNachi Chapter Members and Tennessee InterNachi Members.
Visit InterNachi TV episode 26 for a preview, if you did not attend the 5/19 Brentwood Tennessee seminar with Joe Ferry. Joe provided us today with some extremely valuable information that you need to know if you plan on continuing to be a home inspector and a home inspector that has all the bases covered when it comes to avoiding litigation. I highly recommend that you make the effort and attend his seminar! Its your business!! and all InterNachi Members need to be on the same page when it comes to knowing how to avoid litigation against you and your inspection business.

David Morss Central Tennessee Chapter Vice President

Joe Ferry is Top Notch.

Seminar Presentations are a “Do Not Miss Item”.

When attending Joe’s seminar I expected “doom & gloom” - “You’re going to get sued, you’re going to loose, there is nothing you can do about it, pay up and shut up.”, which seems to be the prevailing attitude in the industry.

Instead, I learned that this is not true. Most suits are without merit and can be squashed by Joe’s “Killer Defense” and the 5 things a smart home inspector needs to know.

Thanks Joe - great seminar - with a lot of added value.

Ron White
Spectrum Home Analysis
Brentwood, TN

I am jumping in to second the remarks of David Morss our VP in the Central TN interNACHI chapter. THIS IS A FREE SEMINAR, when you do the aritmetic, for ANYONE (Free InterNACHI membership or credit on your renewal). The advice is PRICELESS in avoiding the stress of potential litigation, notwithstanding the cost itself. If you plan to remain a Home Inspector, you NEED this seminar.

Michael Amick - Central TN interNACHI chapter pres

I wish I would have met Joe about 4 1/2 years ago. I think I could have saved some money, ( quite a bit of money ). With what I learned from being sued, talking to other inspectors, and through Joe, my heart won’t skip a couple of beats if I ever get a notice, or threatened with a lawsuit. Joe provided me with a lot of valuable information, along with the incident reporting form, which I beleive could stop most suits before they even get filed, or at least help you with it. I truely beleive anyone attending one of Joes courses will come away with some usefull knowledge and have a different outlook on inspections.