Joe Ferry in Dallas

Joe gave a short lunch / teaser type talk in Dallas on Thursday to kinda promote his “Law & Disorder” OR Claim Intercept programs. I was in Dallas enroute to the coast and since it was free … set in on it. This is the 3rd or 4th time I’ve heard his talks AND they’re always great. Over a 100 inspectors there.

It was a good day. Wish Roy would have introduced you it is always good to meet inspectors you see here on the message board. The BBQ wasnt bad either

Joe’s classes are the best.

Gary … was sitting near the wall adjacent to the hallway by the rear door. Had on the USMC ballcap, long sleeve tan shirt with CMI logo on sleeve with House Doctor logo on the front … Several inspectors commented on the CMI logo as they said they’d never seen one in person before.

I was setting with of of the Burgess Inspectors. The first class I ever took regarding home inspection was with Russ Burgess (now deceased back in 1982 or 1983).

Was talking to Joe & Roy at the start of the meeting at the front of the room.

Bbque was good.

Was that at our TPREIA meeting?

No it was a learn over lunch at champions rreal estate school. They do this twice a year as part of their inspector school

I read hos posts on LinkedIn often I bet that guy is quite a hoot to talk to. He has that sort of sense of humor. Too bad I missed the presentation.