Joe Ferry's Legal Class is Great

That link doesn’t bring me anywhere but a DNS search

Me too.

Does anyone use his $50/month plan?

Link is working now

I signed up this yr , never needed him and i hope i never do but I must admit I am impressed by his lecture I was at at an ASHI conference. I truly believe majority of people sue because the Insurance will most likely pay a claim - its cheaper than fighting it. Thats where Joe comes into play and on your behalf write a very knowledgable and legal jargon letter that will put those ambulance chasing lawyers in their place. If I messed up - then sue me. But majority of lawsuits against us are BS. Maybe im stubborn, but I do not wanna give a penny to anyone if i am not at fault

Joe Ferry’s class should be a requirement for InterNACHI membership, or any HI state licensing CEU.