Joe The Plumber Scared For America

Because of Obama.

I hate doing plumbing jobs. I know just enough about plumbing to get by. When I need plumbing work done, I get a plumber.

A couple of weeks before Joe the “plumber” became a celebrity, he quoted some work on my house. I had a feeling that I know more about plumbing than he did - and I don’t know much. He then billed us for work that he did not do. (His boss has agreed to give us a refund but we have not received it yet).

I have since learned that he has been falsely advertising in our local telephone directory that he is licensed. He is NOT licensed.

Joe may already be regretting all the publicity. He has been illegally working in both Ohio and Michigan as a plumber. He could end up serving some well deserved jail time.

With how much McCain clings to the story of this phony, it makes non-Repugnant voters like myself wonder if all of this was staged by the GOP. Thanks for exposing Crock Obama as a socialist but shame on you for branding “Joe” (which is his middle name, not his first) as a hero of the working class.

Its the question he asked and the answer he got Nick! “Joe the Plumber” is just a tag lin. Simple as that! Or at least I think its simple as that[object Object]&pp=ZNxdm824OHUS

The thing that comes to my mind is why people are not PISSED at Joe the Plumber. Performing a profession without a license and proper insurances to me is a slap in the face to all other LICENSED plumber.

I guess that is why we have different points of view and different way of looking a things. I actually dislike Joe the plumber from the start. I guess some people like to back a tax dodging, law breaking, lying wanna be plumber…Thats not spin…thats FACTS

Come to think about it…whats the difference between Joe the Plumber and an Illegal Alien? They both have illegal jobs & don’t pay taxes.

Joe the Plumber is not running for anything. He asked a question and got an answer. If it were me you guys would be tearing me to shreads and I am licensed, pay taxes, etc. Its the question and answer. Period! Joe the Plumber is the tag line, the label of the story, the person who asked a question and it was confimed he got a socialist answer. It was confirmed again in an interview by Obama himself a couple days later. So in my opinion we got our answer from the horses mouth, not once but twice! Lets move on! Joes taxes and license has nothing to do with the question. It was a fair question. If he’s is not licensed and is behind on taxes, put the cuffs on his sorry a$$ and be done with it! Or something like that!:slight_smile:

Actually, I’d admire you for it Randy. That is until the liberal media “exposes” you as a radical Christian who has a blatant disregard for the safety of the public because of a 5 miles over the speed limit ticket you received when you were a teenager.

“Can we trust that this home inspector is concerned with the safety of his clients when he completely disregards the safety of pedestrians and motorists when he is driving?” :wink:

Got me there Nick! You win![object Object]&pp=ZNxdm824OHUS