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Hello Everybody,

As a non-member, I can not post reply for John’s message in general inspection discussion forum. That is why I am posting my opinion here.

I do not know all the details of course. From the given information, neither John nor the second inspector are right or wrong. Both of them have given their opinion. Even John agrees that the second inspector might have expanded on his original report. But, the second inspectors's "expanded report" indicates some serious issues like moisture, "mold", need to put a new floor etc.

If second inspector's's finding are accurate and true, then even I, if I were a home buyer, would be furious at John for his negligence. John has clearly missed some serious issues and innocuously assumed they were not a big deal. What John thinks as a not big deal may be big deal for the buyer.

I am not sure if John had explained to the buyer and written in the contract that his inspection would not comment on the presence or absence of mold. If he had not done so, mold is an issue that can not be glossed over or watered down.

Senthil Puliyadi