John Armstrong Fundraiser in Orillia

For those who know John Arstrong of Home Pride Inspections who went is now out of commision, please read the following about a funraiser for him


DATE: MARCH 24, 2007 FROM 8P.M. UNTIL 1:00A.M.


**** 19 ANDREW STREET****

**** DENISE WORRALL AT 326-7250 ****

**** $20.00 each INCLUDES LIGHT BUFFET,****


John Armstrong, a local Home Inspector and co-owner with his Partner/Spouse Betsy Gross of Home Pride Inspection Services, was a physically active, healthy male before he was stricken on December 1, 2006 with Guillain-Barre Syndrome. It was originally thought that John had pinched a nerve in his back…only to find that by the next day or two he was partially paralyzed from the neck down. His condition became very quickly critical and required ICU care and a transfer for immediate intervention to Ottawa. This devastating illness struck completely without warning.
Guillain-Barre Syndrome is an imflammatory disorder of the peripheral nerves outside the brain and spinal cord. It is characterized by the rapid onset of weakness and often paralysis of the arms, legs, breathing muscles and face. Many patients require Intensive Care Unit treatment, especially if support of breathing is required. Although most people recover from GBS, this can take months or years, and many may have long term disabilities of varying degrees. GBS can develop in any person, of any age, regardless of gender or ethnic background. There has been a suspected link between this disease and the flu shot, but it is unconfirmed. But what is known absolutely is that it is a devastating illness with an unbelievably fast and unexpected onset.
Friends of Mr. Armstrong, Denise Worrall, RPN and Christine Fredericks, a Sales Representative at Real Quest Realty Ltd. have organized a fundraiser/Benefit for Mr. Armstrong. Being self employed, Mr. Armstrong will have no income until he can return to work, which may be up to a year at the earliest. As well, there are renovations and specialized equipment necessary so that John can continue his rehabilitation at home once he is released from the hospital. Mr Armstrong has been fortunate to have excellent medical care, early diagnosis, and proper treatment. Many others stricken with GBS are not so fortunate. For these people the recovery process can be much slower or the illness can be fatal.
John Armstrong has been an absolute inspiration and has faced this devastating illness with unbelievable courage and strength. He is making tremendous progress and is working relentlessly on his rehabilitation. John has won the hearts and touched all those who have encountered him and participated in his care.
As well as a Fundraiser/Benefit, the organizers of this event hope to raise awareness of this life altering medical condition that arrives quickly, lingers much too long and brings tragic consequences to the families, friends and those stricken with this disorder. It is referred to as an uncommon disorder, but the incidence of this devestating illness is much higher than most people are aware of. The organizers are working with representatives of the GBS Foundation to speak at the benefit. There is much to be learned about the symptoms, treatment and seriousnes of GBS. We also encourage anyone who has had or knows someone with Guillain-Barre syndrome to attend and share their stories and receive the support of other GBS survivors.
John Armstrong is loved and respected by all who know him. He is such a likeable, reliable man who oozes honesty and integrity from both a business and personal perspective. He is just an absolutely beautiful person. Please join us in showing him our support, while he battles this devastating illness.
****The organizers are asking for the support of the community by way of donations, purchasing tickets to the event, which promises to be a great event for all…and donation of items for the Silent Auction Table. They also wish to thank their sponsors, The Highwayman Inn, DJ, Steve Olimer and Rose Printing. Please contact Denise Worrall at 326-7250 or Christine Fredericks at 345-2377 if you can support this effort in any way. ****

We do want to keep this in everyones mind for Saturday to attend if possible.
This should be good, not just for the attendees, but mostly for John.
We do want to recognise the hard work done by Christine and Denise. It is much appreciated.

Thanks for drawing our attention to this David.
Can you send me an address where I can give him some support .
I would like to send a Cheque as soon as possible .

I have tried to start something for him as he is a member of OAHI.
If anyone can access the OAHI forum they may see the response to my attempts.
I have mentioned on the OAHI forum I will personally try to raise a gift to John and will continue to the end of Sept.
I want all posting to be on a positive note, no matter the forum.
On the first WEdnesday of Oct I will seee John and give hime whatever donations I can raise. From whoever

I will send you a donation it is too bad OAHI has not shown some support as this is an OAHI member .
I find this strange as they have supported OAHI members before .
I expect it is because John has upset one or all of the Directors .
I found out they can be a vindictive group and they have no love for me .
I am the only one who has launched an appeal against OAHI and strange how much their stories change when they are under oath.
Many told lies and then when they had to tell the truth it all came out how they had lied and schemed to many members .
I expect none of the Directors ever want to get up on the stand again where they must tell the truth.
Some Directors still try and say I cheated and lied but the transcript shows differently. 5 voted for Roy and none voted for OAHI.
OAHI had their lawyer advising them for a long time and he was at the Appeal advising them
I understand OAHI spent in excess of $35,000;00 fighting my appeal.

Of course some OAHI directors have no use for me as I would not give in to their intimidation ,
Want to see a director get red in the face ask him what is holding up my charge I laid against one of the Directors it still is outstanding now 3 years .
I was told they are running a little behind .
Some day it all will colapse around them and you will see directors fleeing like rats from a sinking ship.
… Cookie

Unforgettable quotes… from the National Spokesperson, from his favourite pulpit the CAHPI-OAHI forum. I guess the forum administrator overlooked the rules again! Oooops.

That plus some personal donations could help a lot. In fact, I’ll start out with $ 100.00. Please note that I am doing this because of what I believe in, not because you have tried to shame me and others into donating.

Oh and another one…

I have read what Mr. Mullen wrote. Its disgusting. Where does he get off? Calling people liars? He should know about lying, he has been caught numerous times, its a bad habit. Bill have you no shame, speaking like that supposedly on behalf of the members. Where do you get off?

OAHI does have benevolent fund with a couple of thousand dollars in it. I hope they haven’t been making excuses as to why not spend it.

As an OAHI member I am upset that Mr. Mullen has chosen to say the things he said considering the cause, its inexcusable!

And as an OAHI member in good standing I too would like to send a cheque along to aid Mr. Armstrong.

I also believe their is a Nachi member in BC (Mr. Shute?) has anyone heard how he is doing or where I can send a cheque?

One member of OAHI is quoted as saying he is definetly not supporting Mr. Armstrong. Nice bunch of people over there. (how sad)


Ray, a couple of questions;
1 - what is the OAHI benevolent fund and is it supporting Mr. Armstrong

2 - where can we send a donation for Mr. Armstrong?

3 - who is the NACHI member and does he / she need help?

(Ok three questions)

As for Mr. Mullet’s statements, I too had that posting sent to me. Does the term “low life” fit the bill? I hope that all OAHI members read his remarks and then reflect on their membership in that organization.

Hi George,

  1. The OAHI benevolent fund is:

Funds are being collected to assist a member who was injured on the job and was not able to work. It is intended to be distributed to the injured member on behalf of its members.

It is also a requirement of Pr 158 the enacting statute which states:

It appears that the fund is not being utilized to assist Mr. Armstrong.

  1. David Cook should be able to let us know.

  2. Stephen Shute is a home inspector in Comox BC.
    He was out on an Inspection by himself just over a week ago.
    A neighbour found him on the Deck, unconscious.
    He was taken to the local Hospital and then flown to Victoria,
    Seven days he has not regained Conscious.
    His ladder was still against the roof and he required 4 stitches over his eye . They have no idea if he fell of the roof and hit his head on the railing or what.
    He was tested and did not have a stroke.
    He is in great condition and has always been a hard worker carring no excess weight.
    They have him on a breathing tube and he breathing on his own.
    He has shown very little response to any one or any thing .
    He lives in Comox which is on the North end of Vancouver Island IN BC.

"Funds are being collected to assist a member who was injured on the job and was not able to work."

Anyone want to bet that the powers at OAHI rule that Guillain-Barre syndrome is not an “on the job” injury?

So what NACHI can help another HI even if OAHI chooses to discriminate against their own members.

OAHI has practiced discrimination very often why should they change now.

The OAHI directors need to go and look in the Mirror and ask them selves what can I do to improve this industry.

This why OAHI/CAHPI is shrinking they treat there members like sheep ,
not with dignity

… Cookie

Bill Mullen,

Before you start calling anyone a liar you had better look closely at your record. On the contrary you sir have been caught repeatedly making up falsities to suit your ego. Perhaps you may like to identify the lies you claim I and Mr. Cooke have made?

Bill Mullen,

Quote: You of course can’t read anything on the NACHI forum without blinders on. Anyone I have called a liar on that side deserves it and more. If they didn’t make up stuff and falsify statements they wouldn’t be liars…but they do and they are. If you have followed things, they (R & R) have done everything in their power to destroy the legitimate Canadian Home Inspection Industry.

That being said, you can’t ask me and others to say only positive things unless you do so yourself.

I’ll gladly start by asking out loud why we can’t be helping John from the OAHI Benevolent Fund that was set up a few years ago for just this purpose. Perhaps someone can tell us if any funds are in there that could be made available. Many members have donated money to that fund over the years, so there should be a few bucks in there.

That plus some personal donations could help a lot. In fact, I’ll start out with $ 100.00. Please note that I am doing this because of what I believe in, not because you have tried to shame me and others into donating.

You keep trying to say it is always the other guy who is bad Bill shame on you .
You now try and make like you are a good guy and we all know the only reason you now are making a donation is because you read on the NACHI BB about how some NACHI members are donating money to help an Home inspector from another association.
You have had many months to show support for a member in your association Shame .
You also keep telling every one how you are the good guy and those people over at NACHI are the bad ones .
It is you who keeps telling every one that NACHI guys Lie and you are the only one who tells the truth .
Shame Bill I have many post’s that can embarrass you big time .
NACHI has continually shown good face and allowed you to use the NACHI BB to make your post’s
We love to see you post here as you keep putting your foot in your mouth with incorrect statements .
Bill why not just try and return the good deeds NACHI does and show you too wish all Home Inspectors to get along .
Time to make peace in Canada, It could be a two way street and CAHPI can help to make it happen .
… COOKIE … NACHI where the door is always open.

Thanks Bill,
I want to keep this near the top so others can see.
Thanks to all who stated they will send something for John.
This will be a surprise to him an his wife.
WE do need a fund for this kind of thing

Just posting to keep this near the top.
Raymond, Roy, have recieved checques and starting to collect.
Thanks everyone.
Maybe one day we will be the one who needs it.
Nick, Think NACHI could start a fund to send a bit of help to someone who is verified as needing help in a pinch such as this?