John Bubber or Mike Holmes?

Hey Mike is that you? :mrgreen:

Are you frustrated? :mrgreen: Isn’t your TV show allowing you to release your pent up frustration with contractors? :mrgreen: Done any good endorsements lately? :mrgreen:

Too funny, Raymond. Whose more over the top???

Discussing Mike is a whole other subject!!

After only 6 weeks of posting on their boards , in a straw poll of all posters, I was rated In the top five posters for the quality/information in my posts. A couple of months later I was thrown off the boards for showing the folly of the top poster in some of his “authoritative” posts.

It’s a bit of a cult over there; he can do no wrong even if he says in a show "this should have been built to “medium” code (hwere do you find thsi medium code?) or hold a hand level in a vertical position and says “it’s not level”. I’ve been told he’s not a licencsed carpenter or is working on it now!! haven’t been able to confirm this yet.

He was interviewed on CBC “Sounds like Canada” in the fall. He’s always been saying he learned at his father’s knee. Said on the program, his father worked with GM (in Oshawa, I believe)…what did he learn about housebuilding from a father who worked in an auto plant???

But I do know this: CAHPI will never have him speak at a function again!

I guess they did not like the fee he charged .
I was told they Paid him $10,000;00 .
I bet Marcel CYR might even come and speak for that much money.


Mikey Holmes, ummm, well one thing i know is he isn`t an expert
in this trade,nope. In a couple of his recent articles he seems to
be coming around but, no expert.

He may be dammm good at OTHER things, carpentry etc, thats for
others to decide.

I called him out on his-forum about a job he did for Michelle and Jason.
The show aired on DIY channel, was called ‘Flooded Foundation’.
Within 1 day of my post to him about his/his subcontractor errors
the post was erased and was tossed off board :mrgreen:

I`ve also been tossed off another board, the NAWSRC board and,
thats fkkkin FINE with ME! Ha, quite a few SCAMMERS there and
i do mean SCAMMERS, will prove it in any COURT, got MILK?

Here is a lil tad on show

While watching this episode he pretty much shtts on the builder,
and thats ok with me, no problem there.The builder apparently
came back 4 times or so and tried fixing problems on inside,
no success.

What i could see was…

  1. water was entering through rod holes
  2. basement WINDOW was leaking
  3. some water was entering at/near 1 corner but, i couldnt see- they didnt show a close-up of that part of wall so, not sure
    if there is/was a crack at corner or just another leaky rod hole OR
    if water was first entering from above ground openings and on
    inside of basement running down the wall, from the top.

Now, Mike n the boys wind up waterproofing the whole wall and, thats fine if it was needed or, HO simply wanted it ALL waterprfd.

On the other hand, did they just assume part/all of problems were
drain tile or they themselves just wanted to do more footage…
more MONEY.

What an expert would have seen was what i said, rod holes leaking,
repair them on Inside w/hydraulic cement, $20-25 per rod hole.
Bsmt window leaks so, seal UNDER the window, the ledge AND
replace the window if needed, thats MOST of this HO`s problems-
most of the water that was entering.

ONLY area of poured bsmt wall that might have needed to be
Waterproofed was at-near the one corner…so WHY waterproof
the entire wall, wasn`t needed at THAT POINT IN TIME, NO way.

Did they run a water test at/near corner to see if problem was below
or above ground? prolly not.

They could have ran a water test along entire wall and would have
seen water enter inside basement THROUGH rod holes and under/around
basement window.

Hope they didn`t charge this HO for unnecessary work.

Then, in doing the exterior work, they use a trencher and mess up
quite a bit of grass, could hand-dig it and took fence down to get
trencher in `n out, not necessary if hand digging…whatever.

They put alot of the soil on/near the bank of trench! This trench DOES
cave-in a lil later if you watch the show, well DUH! DON`T place
soil near open trench, it could cause a cave in, may accelerate a
cave in due to the extra WEIGHT on bank of trench, sheesh!

If he and/or his foundation subcontractor are experts in this-trade then
they`d have come to different conclusion of the actual problems/leaks.
And, even if HO wanted entire wall done they would NOT have placed
heavy soil near trench, you could KILL somebody!

Go ahead and use the stupid trencher to dig out if yer a LAZY azz
but they also use it when backfilling most of same soil and run over
the backfilled soil to help it settle. Well, shhtt…THIS could cause
a CRACK(s) in the freakin wall! Hello?

They backfilled w/about 2’ of gravel. He says he always does everything
right blah blah blah well…backfill w/most-all gravel then dammmitttt.

Same soil is going to settle a bit more in coming months, its going to
create x-amount of lateral-surcharge pressure when it does, this
could cause a crack in the wall, thus another leak.

Expert in waterproofing? No, but i`ll give the guy a lil credit for NOT
talking these poeple into a stupid Inside drain tile system which

Speakin of Mikey, he…like others go a bit overboard on gutters

Why do SOOOOOOOOOOO many seemingly fairly smart people
come to the conclusion that gutters/downspouts etc is the key to
keeping a basement dry, W T F.

They yap about a CERTAIN amount of WATER…from the ROOF
…what, rain won`t fall on soil next to downspouts,huh?
Somehow, the only water that matters is water from downspouts?

Then, they somehow conclude that this amount of water coming outta
downspouts that they`ve successfully diverted 5-10’ away from house
ALL goes away from house, no possibility of this water ever coming back
underground towards the house/bsmt wall.

Even if it was possible to divert ALL water away from entire DEPTH of foundation,
which it isnt, dont think you` want to!

You want some amount of water/moisture in the soil aound your house,
against your walls,against and under footings,porch and addition.

You don`t think problems can occur to footings etc if soil dries out,huh?
Quit putting soooooo much emphasis on diverting SURFACE WATER and start
finding/locating OPENINGS on the outside of yer house.

Start waterproofing and backfilling new homes, tuckpoint open mortar joints `n
cracks in bricks, start caulking-replacing basement windows and around doors,

Hey, $10,000? :roll:

Maybe you guys could get Mikey fer a lil less on Nachi Tv,
maybe have him explain his expertise in Bsmt Waterproofing fer ya :mrgreen:

Mr Brian,

not shtting on ya but whats up with supposedly not responding to

So Mike why the false name or no info on your geographic location?
How can we take your info as legit?

Whens the last time you mentioned waterproofing? :mrgreen:

Thanks Mike!

Hey Mike

What about this one?


Mikey don`t know waterproofing like this mfr/me…ok

you go ahead `n call that ph number to verify,:mrgreen:
Not ALL stars come out at night…got MILK?

Thanks Mike!

BBB CASE#: 1157411

Complaint filed by:  Raymond Wand    (More)](        **Consumer Info**

Raymond Wand

519 942-9496

20100 Mississauga Rd L7K 1M6
Alton, ON




(Less)](    Complaint filed against:  Ontario Association of  Home Inspectors    (More)](    **Business Info**


Ontario Association of Home Inspectors


Mr. Wayne Christopher

PO Box 38108 Castlewood RPO,
Toronto, ON M5N 3A8

416 256-0960

905 771-1079


(Less)](    Complaint status:  Forward Business response  to Consumer     (More)](    **Activity**




Received Consumer Rebuttal
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Monday March 12, 2007

RE: BBB Complaint Case#1157411(Ref#32-1131684-1157411-12-1100) Ontario Assoc. of Home Inspectors Membership Registry

Dear Ms. Dunbar,

Please see attached PDF document dated March 2004. Contrary to the info provided in that letter, OAHI is not in compliance
with the Corporations Act or the enacting legislation. The answer provided to BBB by Aubrey LeBlanc is not correct. The full Registry is not viewable at the OAHI website. Only full RHI’s, Associates are fully listed, along with some Applicants, but it does not list all Applicants, nor does it provide the names of all the Students who are in the Registry, nor Retired RHI’s. Further there is no complete list, as one must manually search through the site by using the interactive map. Also OAHI seems to be counting non members listed as “Friends” as part of the membership numbers which would be erroneous.

There is no complete list at the above link(s), and there is no way to see a complete list at the link(s) contrary to the attached letter dated
Jan 23/04. Even if one was to take the time to go through the interactive map feature and list the members.

Mr. LeBlanc appears to be in error with his reply. I would also be willing to give you several names of long time senior members of OAHI who can also confirm that OAHI is not providing this information via the website as alluded to by Mr. Leblanc.

Thank you very much for your diligence in this matter in trying to bring this matter to a close, however given the response of Mr. Aubrey LeBlanc the COO of OAHI and former President of the Ontario New Home Warranty Program I am very disappointed in his simplistic response. I therefore cannot accept settlement of this complaint until such time as OAHI complies with listing “all” members on the website, or Mr. LeBlanc provides the location of Head Office where one can go view the documents during normal business hours.

Thank you very much,

Yours very truly,

Raymond Wand RHI #00029

Forward Business response to Consumer
The letter could not be created.
Receive Business Response
We are in receipt of yours of February 16 (Complaint Case #: 1157411 Consumer: Raymond Wand). Mr. Wand, a member of this organization, has been using various means to pursue his concerns. Yours is one.

Mr. Wand now has the capability to view the document he seeks in the manner he seeks, and is aware of this. The document has always been available on the organization’s website.

If you require further information, please contact the writer.


Aubrey LeBlanc

Ontario Association of Home Inspectors

Inform Business of Complaint

Send Acknowledgement to Consumer

Complaint Validated by BBB Operator

ReOpen the Complaint

Case Closed INFO ONLY

Close Without Business Response

Inform Business of Case Closed INFO ONLY

Inform Consumer - Case Closed INFO ONLY

Case Determined to be INFO ONLY

Complaint Received by BBB

 (Less)](    Case Description:  I  am a member of the Ontario Assoc. Of Home Inspectors. Several times I have  requested information from OAHI as...     (More)](  I am a member of the Ontario Assoc.  Of Home Inspectors. Several times I have requested information from OAHI as to  where their head office is so that I can see as permitted in the Corporations  Act their by-laws and membership list.

The request for information where head office is has gone unanswered.

UPDATE PROVIDED MARCH 5/07 - The by-laws shall be open to examinationby the public at the head office of theAssociation during normal office hours,Quote:(2) The register shall be open to examinationby the public at the head office of theAssociation during normal office hours.

 (Less)](    Category: Customer Service Issues   Case opened date: 2007-02-15   Case closed date:    Desired Resolution: An  answer from OAHI as to where head office is as required in its by-laws and  Corporations Act.

UPDATE PROVIDED MARCH… (More)]( An answer from OAHI as to where head office is as required in its by-laws and Corporations Act.

UPDATE PROVIDED MARCH 5/07 - I have asked OAHI several times and still no answer.


Download a copy of this complaint so you can print it for your records *** Your response has been recorded, and will be reviewed by the BBB. No further action is required of you at this time. Click here to print a copy of your response.

If you have information you would like to provide regarding this complaint, click here. ***

My OH! My this is just getting interesting and I have to go to work .
Have fun… Cookie

Hey Aubrey maybe you should read Pr 158, and the bylaws and stop making false statements! BULL SHIRT!

The Scoop: I don’t have that much respect for the BBB. It’s a self-involved non-profit private enterprise that must appear to fully serve and protect the consumer in order to provide enough income from members to protect their own jobs. See:

There are many complaints against BBB here? Who do you complain to…them???

I have had private business interests full or part time for the last 28 years and this is the only BBB complaint against any of my work.

The complainer was a bit of a hysterical type as my inspection killed a house deal. Now if this warrants a BBB complaint, every inspector should have BBB complaints on their record.

Thought just hit me…**Have any other HI’s been reported to the BBB for killing a deal? **I don’t undertsand why the BBB would take on this complaint anyways…well yes I do…From the numerous letters I received from BBB afterwards, it’s clear that since you’re on their blacklist, they “encourage” (weak veiled threat) you to join to become a good company. My reputation sells my work, not the BBB. I have no logos on my outdated website to say that I’ve been certified by 5-6-8-10 associations. This is a small enough city (big town) that everyone knows someone that knows the scoop on you…no place to hide here!!!

**If I called it wrong, she could pursue me through the courts for lost profits on the sale **(Our house prices have risen 40-60% in the last 6-7 years) she didn’t!! The house has since sold. I hope the buyer had a good inspector as I found many items needing some fairly serious $$$$$ to correct.


Maybe you should go into the basement waterproofing biz! :shock:

Maybe!!! Was hired by a housing co-op to consult and recommend corrective measures for standing water in a crawlspace coupled with high rh’s in the units above. Cost of the small job I estimated at $1,500 to $2,200.

Many regular contractors/handyman types did not want the job due to the crawlspace- it was small and dank. A waterproofer gave them a quote of $1,500 that only included the easiest 35-40% of my rec’s…Did a bit of ciphering and figured his labour rate was about $125/hour!!! Not to shabby but I said not to hire him, you need the full job done.


recommend corrective measures for standing water in a crawlspace coupled with high rh’s in the units above. Cost of the small job I estimated at $1,500 to $2,200.

Well, all I can say to that is either I am working for nothing or you are way overpaid. :shock:

Getting rid of water is easy when you know how Mother Nature can help. You just need to assist. :wink:


What would Mike do?

Just checking Brian, was that fee for recommendations or for fixing the problem?:slight_smile:

I am hoping it is the later. :wink:

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley:

Probably something you and I would not, right Raymond?

Marcel :slight_smile: