JOHN HARDI moisture problem???

I did an inspection the other day on anew home that has Hardi clapboard siding. I mentioned to the realtor that I think the Hardi line of siding is an excellent choice. She immediately piped in with “there is a large law suit against Hardi because of moisture problems" Apparently, as she states it, the Hardi siding absorbs moisture and holds it in constant contact with the sheathing eventually causing mold and rot on the sheathing. Anyone heard of this?

The REA is probably thinking about LP.

Marc, LP?

Louisiana Pacific.
Hardboard siding, sorta like Masonite. Matter of fact, I think every manufacturer that made any sort of hardboard siding had a class-action suit at some point in time.

OK Marc, I understand the Masonite connection which was made of a kind of recycled paper but the Hardi product is a masonry product with a very small amount of wood product laced in. Does it also have the same type of moisture issued?

HardiePlank is not a reservior cladding.

From their website:

HardieWrap™ weather barrier: 325 cm
Non-Perforated Housewrap: 186-210 cm
Perforated Housewrap: [size=2]10-25 cm[/size]
Building Paper / #15 Felt: 52 cm

Higher numbers are better. Compared to other products, HardieWrap weather barrier is more resistant to water intrusion.

Maybe the RES was referring to the HardiShake roofing.

Sounds like this agent was just plain wrong. Maybe she was thinking of EIFS.

Who’s John Hardi? James Hardie

The real problem is the FAUX moisture barriers and their FAUX install specs. And lack of flashing that exits the water to the exterior of all cladding’s.


James’ dumber brother who made the siding that causes moisture problems.

Important Update: On February 14, 2002, the Court granted final approval of the Settlement.
If you own or owned a home or structure with JHBP Roof Shakes, you may be entitled to file a claim for monetary compensation.
A proposed settlement has been reached in a class action lawsuit concerning roofing products manufactured or distributed by James Hardie Building Products, Inc. (“JHBP”) under brand names such as HardiShake and HardiSlate, among others. The settlement establishes a program by which claimants can recover the cost of roof replacement, under the terms of the Settlement Agreement. Please read the Court Ordered Notice and other materials available at this site explaining your rights including how to register to receive a Claim Form.

Jhon Kogel

Beware, some roofs are past the settlement deadline.

Claimants are required to file a claim within the following time limits:

  1. For Roof Shakes installed prior to December 31, 1992, no later than February 14, 2005.
  2. For Roof Shakes installed between January 1, 1993, and December 31, 1995, no later than February 14, 2006.
  3. For Roof Shakes installed between January 1, 1996, and December 31, 1999, no later than February 14, 2010.
  4. For Roof Shakes installed between January 1, 2000 and the date of Final Approval, no later than February 14, 2012.