John Nolan

The first ventless fireplace that was installed required nearly $23,000.00 in clean up by ServiceMaster to clean walls, ceilings, replace insulation in crawl space. The dealer where I bought the unit from and installed it accepted blame and his insurance paid for clean up. It convinced us to take that on out and spend another approx. $1500.00 to install a straight burner with no logs. Looked great, but after a period of time we noticed soot again in all the familiar places. His service rep said the unit had a total yellow burn with none or very little blue a base of flame and was still set as it was from factory and this caused the excessive soot. Do you feel this again makes him liable, because he is resisting correcting the damage??

Q: At what point do you take responsibility for your home and it’s systems? Most systems require Annual maintenance. Did you perform yours?

It was barely in a year.