John S. Wind Mit and 4 pt. inspection forms

Hey John,

Could you please re-post the link to your wind mit, 4 pt. and photos pages. I have tried in vain to find the original thread where you posted the link but had no luck. Thank you in advance.


Hey Mark,

What areas do you cover?](

That would be it.

Hi Michael, I’m in Sarasota.

Thanks John and Marc.

Cool, Good Luck. That is a nice area.

Yes it is. I’ve been here about 5 years now. My father in law needed us close by. Originally from John S. neck of the woods, Rockledge.

Way nicer where you are now in my Opinion.

Way overpopulated in the Orlando area. You could however eat out every night of the week and not hit the same place in a year if you tried.