Johnny on the Spot!!

Need advice for shutting down [getting rid of] an outhouse. I have an outhouse at my cottage and against everybody’s advice I want to get rid of it. Is there a specific process involved in removing it or is it as simple as removing the structure and filling it??

Thanks in advance

BTW This Thread is full of $hit:mrgreen:

I would guess you remove the structure and fill in the hole . . . be careful . . . sounds like a $hittie job to me . . . just remember, we’re all busy the day you need help. :mrgreen:

PS - Never have remove one, never want to, don’t go near them . . . hopefully never will . . . hope someone knows the answer for you.

Where’s your drinking water from?
If from a well, have you had the water tested?
How far is the hole away from any wells?

Burn it where it sits!

Still one of the best methods of handling human waste .
Yes just remove it and fill in the hole .
Mother nature will do her thing.
… Cookie

Contact the local water management folks or an OSSF pumper and depending on the size I’d want it pumped or treated before backfill just to be safe®.

The hard core way (non-eco-friendly) is let her dry out, a little diesel (less than a 5 gallon can) :shock: , wait a few minutes for soak in, stand back and throw the match as Carl said.

Never saw a out house pit in Canada that you could pump out .
The ones I saw are all very dry .
As for putting in diesel oil in please do not even think of this as this can contaminate wells for ever in a very large area .
Removing oil contaminated soil costs abouy $4,000;00 a yard .
Just one of many horror stories with oil .
Normal Bacteria will do the clean up the out house for you very shortly.

…Cookie .

Cover with lime and cover with Peat Moss, then back fill with soil.

Thank You Gentlemen!!

You all have very interesting suggestions.

I purchase bottled water for drinking/cooking. For all other uses… toilet,shower and the garden hose water is pumped from the lake. I do not have a well.

I have a new septic on the property and do not see the need to have this eye sore. My friends tell me to keep it for emergencies.

Halloween is comming a sign at the side of the road advertising free Out House and it might end up as some one Else’s concern.
… Cookie

Or in some crazy area, be burnt for you!!!

They can be dangerous if you fall asleep in them. :mrgreen:
That’s what happened to this guy while reading the paper. Just in time for Halloween.

But seriously folks, bury it with a little lime and letting mother nature do her thing goes along way. Did just that when I got rid of mine at my the old farm house.

man this is a tough crowd to get a grin out of

i figured “hard core way (non-eco-friendly) (less than a 5 gallon can)” was so absurd no one would ever take it seriously

i’ll try and mind my Ps&Qs in the future :mrgreen:

as my wife says seriously, don’t take me seriously, i’m not in the mood?

Barry I was sure you meant it in a Humours way and that is how I took it.
But I was nervous some who are new to this BB might think it was a good idea .
It is them I want let know how serious Oil on the ground is .
Sorry I was Just on my way out and did not want to go with out getting the message out . Thanks for the reply
… Cookie

Simple issue BURN it in place and invite all the lowballers over for a weenie roast…you can smile the entire time:mrgreen: :mrgreen:

I seem to remember an episode of MAS*H where Frank Burns drove straight over one with a tank. Any chance you could find one locally or already have one on site?

Gee I can almost feel the pain I do not want to see my weenie get roasted!
Thanks any way… Cookie

I’d hoped by now everyone on the planet knew not to take me too seriously.
I’ll have to work on that aspect of my advertising. :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

There is a pyshiological condition which some people find pleasure in hiding in the pit of the outhouse. (Honest).

Could you imagine going to the outhouse only to see someone looking up at you?

If you burn it and have a roast throw in a watermelon.

After the watermelon explodes everyone can get a piece!:mrgreen: