Johnson Furnace

Why would there be water at the bottom of the heat exchanger if the A coil is below. The unit is on a condo where it does have the portions of the unit on the outside as it is a wall unit.

Also as usual Preston fails me to identify the age.

M# 60HWC24 S# AK27H49338 Johnson Corp.

I believe it is 1993. Age of unit is 1973.



77206 MiddleB 008 (Small).jpg

77206 MiddleB 008 (Small).jpg

77206 MiddleB 009 (Small).jpg

The closest match I can find after a night of celebratory margaritas is that I think your “AK27” is “AK77” which would make it a 1977 manufacture date. “AK27” is not matching anything that I have.