Join International Trade Council ? What for? Are there any benefits?

Hello fellow HI’s. I received this email and was wondering if anyone has experience with this and is it worth the $10 for 2022 and then $400 after that.

Dear Arne Kluge

In follow-on from my previous email to Integrity Home Inspection Services/

It is the honor of the Board of Directors of the (International Trade Council) to to invite Integrity Home Inspection Services to join our membership roster for 2022-2023.

The International Trade Council is a voluntary, non-profit partnership of government trade agencies, chambers of commerce, business and professional people working together towards a common goal — to build a healthy economy and to improve the quality of life in our communities. The business of the Council is to enable its members to do together what they might not be able to do individually.

With 79 constitutent international government trade and investment agency members coming from every continent, 418 national (and industry vertical) chambers of commerce members, and 29,000+ corporate members of all sizes spread across 176 countries - the Council has supported the business community since 1954 and it encourages new business to join its ranks and continue its well-respected programs.

As a new constituent, the Council would like to offer Integrity Home Inspection Services a 1 year membership at a highly-subsidized price of only $10 USD / year.

This is a government-subsidized price, and the offer is limited in time and only available now. (The usual membership fee is $400 USD / Year)

Some reasons why Integrity Home Inspection Services may consider to join the Council:

MARKETING OPPORTUNITIES: Increase the visibility of Integrity Home Inspection Services through the ITC’s website, social networking platform, social media and events. We can also work to promote your own events and host webinars and conferences for you at no extra cost.

RESEARCH AND DATA: Human-powered cntact research, bills of lading research, sourcing of buyer contacts, import and export trend analysis and more. Meet and connect with executives and thought-leaders.

SIGNATURE EVENTS : Engage with key leaders, influential decision maker, buyers, investors and government leaders. [You can see videos of some of our most recent events here]

CONNECTION TO DECISION MAKERS: Every year the International Trade Council works with more than 8 million CEOs globally, either directly through our events, forums, workshops and online courses - or indirectly through providing services via our constituent government trade and investment agencies and member chambers of commerce. (We also track more than 4 million procurement executives across 179 countries).see vids

SECRETARIATS AND TASK FORCES: Allowing you to promote and shape business initiatives through participation and collective support of your business objectives.

LEADERSHIP AND EXECUTIVE ENGAGEMENT: Helping Integrity Home Inspection Services to grow your team personally and professionally with mentor/mentee matching via our free mentor program, thought-leadership programs and executive round-tables.

INNOVATION AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Connect with innovators and help grow new ventures through the Councils free B2B mentoring programs, business incubation services, investor connect services and more.

MEDIATION: Staffed by volunteer lawyers and commercial experts, the Coumcil has a mediation platform to help de-escalate issues and streamline the settlement of domestic and international commercial disputes.

The Council doesn’t just help companies internationally - but also nationally. No matter where in the world you need us to be - we can provide advice and lend a hand - either directly, or through our extended network of government, associations/chambers or commercial contacts.

Full Detailed Member Information Booklet (Download - PDF) :

Detailed List of Free Services specifically available to Integrity Home Inspection Services :

Additional Free Benefits for Startups Only (Companies 5 years or younger) :

Please complete the online application today as the subsidized price is only applicable if you join before the end of this month!

To become a member, please visit: (Discount code: ITC10)

I believe that investing in Council membership will help produce immediate results and continued returns for Integrity Home Inspection Services and is worth the $10 discounted annual investment cost (no forced auto-renewal). .


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International Trade Council

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I’d be hard to imagine this group could provide more or better exposure than your local chamber of commerce. International trade to me suggest either buying or selling stuff (as opposed to services) through commercial trade ports which is kinda outside the scope of most home inspections.

Just a cursory goggle search shows that it is easy to confuse this group with the International Trade Commission which would be a mistake, this fact alone gives a sketchy feel and I would need face time with other members prior to signing on.

Good luck.

Thanks Joseph!
Good points made.