Join me at Central Savannah River Area NACHI Chapter meeting in Augusta, GA, Oct 5.

My plane got delayed in Denver and I missed my Augusta connection in Atlanta, so I had to rent a car and drive 2.5 hours, but I got there.

Michael Rowan and Charlie Shipman coverd for me (I was an hour late).

Thanks fellas.


Thanks to you, Michael, Charlie and Ryan our inaugural event was a success. I was surprised to see inspectors from 3 states and other Chapters in attendance.

Upon your arrival, I departed for the Porter Valley sponsored event in Atlanta. With the local Chapter, and NACHI educational backing, the CSRA now has the chance to provide the level of service and colabrative effort seen with other chapters.

2 nights in an Atlanta Hotel- $150.
Local Chapter - priceless

No offense Atlanta. Once past the traffic, your events are awesome!

To Ryan and all the folks at the Augusta chapter meeting

Thanks for making it a great event as usual. We very much appreciated the opportunity to speak and look forward to going back again in the future.

Also, as far as planes, trains and automobiles, Nick has proven again the effort he goes to just to be present at the various meetings to shake the hands of every member of the NACHI organization. No meeting is too small or big!

Great job Ryan.