Join me in welcoming another industry leader to InterNACHI.

Gordon Fox.

He has a TREC# of 1718, one of the lowest I’ve ever seen.

Welcome to InterNACHI Gordon!

Welcome Gordon. If your TREC# is that low, what took you so long to join?

Welcome aboard Gordon…

Hi Gordon,

Welcome to “the Loony Bin”!:p\:D/

Hey Gordon, welcome, look forward to your contributions and expert advice!

Welcome to NACHI Gordon!


Glad to have you aboard, Gordon!

Hey congrats to both of you!

I work with Gordon and have been singing NACHI’s praises since I joined. He is an outstanding inspector and quite a businessman and innovator. Incredible marketer.


Good to see you here!

thank yall for the warm welcomes, I hope to become a contributing member, I usually don’t hang out in forums, I tend to stay very busy focusing on business

Just a bit confused? If Gordon just joined, why does his join date say 2005?

You are confusing the date he joined InterNACHI and the date he joined our message board.

The message board join date is the date he joined our message board.

Welcome to the club, Gordon! Look forward to receiving your input on the board.

Welcome, Gordon.