Join me in welcoming Paul Devine of the Virgin Islands to NACHI.

Hm… we might need an international convention there :stuck_out_tongue: .

Not sure, but I think I met him at the NACHI meeting I attended last May in Puerto Rico.
Great bunch of folks there, & I remember that one, at least, was from the VI.

Welcome Paul . . . Nick, the convention is when? and for $99? . . . I’ll be attending!

Welcome Mr. Devine!

Did you say that includes airfare and hotel and car rental? I’ll be there too. :wink:

Welcome… to the NACHI family.

Hey Paul,

Welcome…Don’t be shy. Introduce yourself and say hello to everyone.

From the oldest Canadian Member welcome to the oldest Virgin Island Member .
Glad to here you have joined with Many of the finest Home inspectors any where .
Questions lots of great information instantly