Join me in wishing Arizona CMI Dale Duffy happy birthday. Member for 12 years.

Happy birthday Dale.

Happy Birthday, Dale. I hope you enjoy many more.

Happy birthday Dale.
A big thanks to Dale for all the help he has given me and many others over the years .


Happy Birthday Dale ! gotta be what… maybe 75 now ? Watch out for those candles…

Happy Birthday Dale

Happy Birthday Dale.

Happy Birthday Dale


Happy Birthday Dale!!!

Thanks Nick…Everyone!

Happy Birthday Dale Duffy!

Hey ! Dale!
Glad you are still around… I’ve missed you here. Yep!
Don’t be a stranger…OK?

Guys this man is the TOP of The Line commercial inspector…bar none.
More knowledge than most can achieve in a lifetime.

Roy Lewis

Happy Birthday Dale!

Happy Birthday Dale! Hope you have a wonderful day!

Happy Birthday Dale!

Happy Birthday Dale!!

Wishing you many more.

Take care my friend.

Happy Birthday Dale!

How did you choose Cuenca as a place to hang your Panama hat btw?
I checked it out on wikepedia, looks beautiful and 8000’ altitude!

Happiest of Birthdays, have a special day!!

Happy Birthday Dale! All the best!