Join me in wishing California member Carl Reese a happy birthday. Member for over 12 years

Happy birthday @creese1! Carl has been with InterNACHI® for over 12 years!

Nice website:

Happy Birthday, Carl!

Thank you. Our CR Environmental LLC website Is where we focus on Home Inspections, IAQ and COVID Decontamination in Valencia, CA is located at
I’m happy you say NACHI helped with the logo.
Thank you to the entire team at NACHI!

Welcome to our forum, Carl!..Enjoy! :smile:

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Carl, if you want your website or additional items to appear below every post you make, in your “signature” to help with Search Engine Optimization, try this:

SIGNATURE: Click on your face in the upper right hand corner of this page. Then click on your name to the left of the bell. Then click on preferences. Then click on profile and scroll down to signature and fill out the information that you want to appear under every post that you make. AND LAST, scroll to the bottom of the page and click SAVE CHANGES.

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Thank you!

Happy birthday Carl.

Happy Birthday, Carl!

Happy Birthday!