Join me in wishing CMI Billy Boerner happy birthday. Member for more than 6 years.

Happy birthday Billy.

Happy b-day billy!

Have a good Birthday, Billy!

Happy Birthday, Mr B.


Happy Birthday Billy!!

Happy Birthday Billy

Happy Birthday Billy. I appreciate the couple conversation I have had with you and your generosity in helping others.

Happy birthday from Canada all the best … Roy

Happy Birthday Billy

Happy b’day Billy!

Hope you have a great day Billy

Happy Birthday Billy, and thank you!

Happy Birthday Billy!! and thank you for all you do:D

Happy BirthDay Billy!


Happy Birthday Billy

Happy Birthday, Billy.

Do you, still, believe you made the correct decision leaving Uncle Sam behind? :cool:

Happy Belated Birthday, Billy!

Happy belated birthday Billy.

I hope it was a great day for you… :smiley: