Join me in wishing CMI Dale Duffy happy birthday. Member for 10 years.

Happy birthday Dale.

To Dale a great guy Happy birthday from Roy and Char

Happy birthday Dale!

Happy Birthday Dale

Happy Birthday Dale.

Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday, Dale! I hope you enjoy many more. :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday and may you have many more my friend.

Hope you took the day off to rest and enjoy. :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday Dale!!!

Happy Birthday and do not work today.Hows battery and focus speed on that new Sony ?

Happy birthday Dale. Miss your expertise on this MB.

Happy Birthday Partner…get the extinguisher ready before You light those candles…

Jim, do you think he had enough room on the cake for all his candles?:wink:

I heard rumor there was an annex to pick up the overflow partner…

Well I keep hearing he has been working extremely hard the past few years.
With all these candles; man-i-feel-old-too-many-candles-in-this-cake_jpg_cf.jpg

Poor soul, he tried to light them all up.



Happy Birthday Dale

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Dale.

Have a great day… :smiley:

Happy Birthday Dale!!

Thanks everyone…!