Join me in wishing CMI Frank Magdefrau happy birthday. Member for 13 years.

Happy birthday, Frank!

I second that thought.

Happy birthday Frank!

Happy birthday!

For everyone else, Frank is member number 302. Incredible!
Thank you for so many years, Frank.

Happy Birthday Frank! Glad to see some GREAT people have birthdays today! :mrgreen:

Happy birthday, Frank!

Happy Birthday, Frank!

Happy Birthday!!! Frank

Thanks everyone. My sons are home and everything is great.

As I begin my 14th year as a home inspector and member of INACHI my main marketing focus will be Facebook, Realtor luncheons, and just calling my clients more. Facebook is an amazing tool. I scheduled many inspection this past year through messenger. I connected with many agents at Realtor luncheons which I was invited too.

I walked away from HUD contracting after 12 years earlier this year because of the poor awarded contractors in my states but picked up a new national client.

2016 is going to be one of the most important years for all small business owners. Please pay attention to what our government has become and make a wise decision when you go to the voting polls.

Let me give you just **one **example please of what our government has become. HUD contracting employed many hard working small business owners over the years. These people worked really hard to be self employed and to have a shot to live the American dream. They made a good honest living, buying new equipment at other small businesses. Because we spent Trillions of dollars during the Bush wars and Trillions more blown through Obama’s give away programs and all the big mistakes he has made the HUD contractors were awarded the lowest contracts since the program started. Where I could make $300 for a HUD property inspection it was cut to $120.00. Where a man could perform a routine maintenance on one of his homes in their inventory for $65.00 it was cut down $20 to $40.00 bucks. What this equals down to is less than min. wage profits. Now small business owners such as my self who helped employee many inspectors and property maintenance people had to leave the business. But the work still has to be done or our neighborhoods will deteriorate. So the current contractors are reaching to Craig’s List and hiring any criminal who steals what’s left in these houses which makes it even harder for agents to sell. Like I said this is just one small example.

If you don’t think we need a shroud obnoxious New York business man with a 149 IQ who is willing to do what it takes and does not care how the media portrays him or how his legacy looks well Hillary is you gal. Go Cruz 2016!!


I’m joining you in supporting Cruz BTW.

Happy B-Day Frank

Happy Birthday Frank!

Happy BD Frank

Happy Birthday Frank!!

Happy Birthday Frank!!