Join me in wishing CMI Michael A. Clark happy birthday. Member for 3.5 years.

Happy birthday, Michael!

Happy Birthday Mike!!!

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday, Michael!


Happy birthday, Redneckl!

Happy Birthday Mike

Happy Birthday Mike

Happy Birthday Michael.

Have a fine Bday you young whipper snapper!

Happy birthday Mike!!
You old poet.
Don’t we all know it :lol:

Happy Birthday Mike!!

:D:D Happy birthday Mike :D:D

**YEA! Happy B-Day Michael!!


Thanks everyone! Internachi brothers are the BEST!!! \:D/\:D/

So, as brothers, I can’t help but ask… how’s it feel to be **3.5 **???

Is that scores or centuries? :mrgreen:

One of my cousins was born on leap year, he enjoyed his 16th birthday as a Grandfather.

Happy Birthday!!

Happy BD Mike

Happy Birthday, Michael!