Join me in wishing Florida member Travis McFarran a happy birthday. Member for 6 years

Happy birthday @tmcfarran! Travis has been with InterNACHI® for 6 years!

Nice website:

Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday Travis

Happy birthday Travis.

Happy bday Travis!!! :tada::tada::tada:

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Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Travis!

Happy Birthday!!

Happy birthday, Travis which reminds me, I was at a birthday party last week. We all keep a safe distance from one another.
To make a long story short. When it came time for the birthday gal to blow out the candles I had the unstoppable urge to sneeze. Seeing I was carrying the cake I could not sneeze into my elbow so I turned my head looked intensely at the individual seated next to the birth gal and covered it up with a Very Loud Fart as I stared down the individual standing next to the birthday gal, which in turn made everyone look his way.
I thought to myself shortly after, “Man was that a close call.”

Just making a funny.