Join me in wishing Idaho CMI Russ Spriggs happy birthday. Member for 12 years.

Happy birthday Russ.

Have a good one Russ!

Happy Birthday…and manny more…!

Well, thanks, Nick & gang!
Never thought I’d get to this point, but, after 12 happy and proud years with NACHI, I can file for SS today!
Starting to pave my way into my next chapter of life, while keeping HI going:

Getting ready for when crawlspaces are not my favorite napping places . . . :wink:

Happy Birthday Russ. I might just have to stop in for a refresher course on my next CDA visit.

Happy birthday

Happy Birthday Russell

Happy Birthday Russ, hope all is well.

Happy Birthday Russ!!


Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Russ.

Have a Great Day. :smiley:

Happy Birthday Russell!

I wouldn’t be in Colorado right now if it wasn’t for Russ.

Happy Birthday Russ!!

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Russ ,

Well, we did have some fun times there, Nick!
Just when A$hi thought they could legislate themselves as being the sole HI provider along the Front Range, I called in to HQ (then in Pennsy) for reinforcements.
General “Nick” Sherman came out for a visit and they ran thru the briars and they ran thru the brambles, they ran thru the bushes where a rabbit couldn’t go. Ran so fast that the hounds couldn’t catch 'em, on down the old Platte River, thru the town of Durango.:wink:

Steve, you or anyone else want some range time / tips, just give a holler. I’m still inspecting, but having fun with !

Happy Birthday Russ.