Join me in wishing Illinois CMI Linas Dapkus happy birthday. Member for 11 years.

Happy birthday Linas.

Happy Birthday Linas!

Happy Birthday Linas.

Happy Birthday, Linas. I hope you enjoy many more.

Happy birthday Linas!

Happy Birthday!!

Well Happy Birthday Linas

Happy Birthday Linas

Happy B-Day Linas! :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday Linas, and may you have many more.

Happy Birthday Linas!

Step cracking is noted on the foundation wall that is between the basement and garage. The wall was plumb. It is my opinion that the wall was backfilled when the mortar was a little green and that caused the cracking.

I recommend further evaluation by a structural engineer and reconstruction of the entire home.

Happy Birthday, Linas. Much success and happiness. Keep up the good work.
As a side note, you are a life long member now:-)
So happy for you.

Happy Birthday.

Happiest of Birthdays and I hope you have a special day!!

Says Who, and Why???

Happy B-Day my god friend Linas !!! You may keep on getting older, but at least you keep getting wiser !!


Happy Birthday!!!

Happy birthday Linas.