Join me in wishing Illinois CMI Linas Dapkus happy birthday. Member for 9 years.

Happy birthday Linas.

Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday!
I didn’t have enough candles.Oh! My!

Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday Linas!!!

Linas, Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Linas

Happy Birthday Linas…Hope Bob* treats* you right.

Happy Birthday Linas.

Have a great day. :smiley:

Happy Birthday Linas!

Happy birthday BFF.

Happy Birthday Linas, Bob’s on his way over to give you your birthday spanking.

I know Dave, he just called and said he’s stuck in traffic with the downtown Chicago protests right now. He’s running late but that’s OK. I’ve got some MD 20/20 (his favorite drink) on ice for him.
Bob likes spanking my monkey, whether it’s my birthday or not.:wink:
I’m anxious and am tingling all over.

Happy Birthday Linus

Happy Birthday Linas!

Damn protesters:mrgreen:

Happy Birthday Linas! Hope you have many more…:slight_smile:

Happy Birthday!!