Join me in wishing Jeffrey R. Jonas happy birthday. Member for almost 9 years.

Happy birthday, Jeffrey!


Happy Birthday Jeff.

Happy Birthday JJ. Enjoy your cake.

Happy Birthday Jeff!!

Happy birthday Jeff!!

Happy Happy Jeff!

Happy Birthday Jeff

Happy Birthday.
This sure explains a lot… a fellow Cappy!
Was Abraham Lincoln as tall as tall as they say he was?..LOL!

Daily Horoscope: Capricorn
January 19, 2016
You can’t let yourself take anything too seriously today. Even if you’re taking a big exam, going on an important job interview, or trying to charm a first date, you have to remember to keep it loose and relaxed! If you want to start feeling good (and get someone else to feel good), you have to just start smiling. Focusing on what you don’t have instead of enjoying what you do have is one way to guarantee that you won’t be as happy as you could be.

Happy Birthday!!

Happy Birthday Jeff!

LOL She’s purrrrrty.

Happy birthday Jeff!

My Grandaddy said " More Than A Mouthful is a Waste."

So what are you doing today troublemaker ?

Happy Birthday…be good.

Happy Birthday, Jeff

Happy Birthday Jeff.

Happy Birthday you ol’ S H I T kicker:mrgreen:


Thanks guys. All of your wishes are appreciated. Spent time in the “big city” shopping and had an awesome dinner at my favorite Chinese restaurant! Back home for the cake and presents!
It’s been a great 9 years here at Nachi (in 12 days) and I look forward to many more years of our “back and forth”.
Thanks again!

Happy Birthday!