Join me in wishing New Hampshire member Peter Russell a happy birthday. Member 15 years

Happy Birthday, Peter!

Nice website:

Happy Birthday, Peter!

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday Peter.

Happy Birthday Pete !

Happy Birthday, Peter!

Thanks everyone!!!

Happy birthday hope you got cake

That reminds me of one time the night before my late daughter’s birthday I was working late. I didn’t get home until pushing 11 pm. Everyone was in bed.

My bride made a beautiful carrot cake with cream cheese frosting for her party the next day. I hadn’t eaten since 5 or so and I sliced a nice piece of that cake and wolfed it down. Then, I realized what I had done.

The cake was on the counter with a bunch of presents, so I spun the cake plate around and kind of hid the void with some frilly gift wrapping.

I can still hear my daughter’s voice the next morning;…“DAD, I can’t believe you did that to my cake.” Then she thought for a few moments and said, "Oh, yes, I guess I can too…you turkey!

Man, I miss her.

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Happy birthday Peter !

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