Join me in wishing NH member Peter Russell happy birthday. Member for 10+ years.

And an inspector for 22+ years.

Happy birthday Peter.

22? Nice! Happy Birthday.


Happy Birthday Peter!!

Thanks Nick, Carl,Shawn, looking forward to the next ten years!!

Way to go, Peter! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!..and many more. :smiley:

Happy Birthday!!

Happy birthday brother! And many many more:D

Warmest regards, Frank:D

Great enjoy your cake all the best… Roy

A real pro

Thanks everyone, I spent the day at my camp riding four wheelers with my girlfriend. No cell service, no internet, no TV, it was great!!!

Happy Birthday Bro leave those 12X12 to me:p:D

Happy belated b’day!

Happy Birthday, Peter!

Thanks everyone, Charlie, hope I’m still climbing roofs in another ten years :wink:

I especially want to thank Nick and everyone at InterNachi. I received my ten year pin a few weeks ago and am looking forward to the next ten.
Thanks for all you do!!!

Happy belated, Peter.

Happy belated birthday Peter.

I hope it was a great day for you… :smiley: