Join me in wishing Ohio member James McKee a happy birthday. Member for over 13 years

Happy birthday @jmckee! James has been with InterNACHI® for over 13 years!

Nice website:

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Happy Birthday my friend. No honey do lists for you today, I hope. LOL

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Happy Birthday, Jim!

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Happy Birthday, Jim!!

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Looks like you’re getting ready for a little tile work.
You’re not suppose to work on your Birthday.

nothing serious, just trying out a new leveling mortar… I’ll be putting about 500 sq. ft. of vinyl plank down there some time in the near future, but when they pour the slab after the house is framed You’re going to have some prep work.

Yeah, you need a smooth surface for that vinyl planking. Is it loose laid or glue down?
I did 3 rooms this winter with the interlocking loose laid waterproof vinyl and got rid of the carpeting. Came out great.

Happy B-Day Jim!

Happy Birthday Jim.

This ones a glue down partner, I put a much more expensive floating one upstairs when the house was built this project is in the basement.

Thanks guys for all the well wishes…

Happy Birthday!