Join me in wishing Ontario CMI Doug Cossar happy birthday. Member for 12 years.

Happy birthday Doug.

Happy Birthday Doug!

Happy B-Day Doug!! :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday Doug!

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Happy birthday Doug.

Have a splendid Bday Doug!

Sorry for the delay in thanking everyone for their birthday wishes.

We just returned from a 10 day vacation in sunny and warm (hot) Cayo Coco Cuba!

Thanks everyone!:mrgreen:

Will post some interesting photos later.


Welcome home Glad you missed our weather for the last few days . Roy

Happy birthday

Happy Bday and would love to see some Cuba pics!

Happy Birthday!

Some Cuba photos:

How the plumber gets to work

Some of the best beaches in the world:

You can walk for miles and miles and not see another person
Love it!

Some commercial inspection issues:

Wonder why?

Roberto… Memories Caribe Resort mascot:

Do have a video but it is too large to post.


That’s a Cuban turkey…

Upload it to YouTube and post the link. :wink:

Here it is: