Join N.A.C.H.O.S

Another inspection organization sent me this video this morning, attempting to poke fun at an “unnamed” inspection organization.

I wonder who they mean?

My advice is don’t watch it, it’s 8 minutes of your life you won’t get back.

Skipped through it but it sure looks like it is time for Nick and his trusty lawyers to look at this. If it isn’t a direct hit job aimed at us it sure looks like it to me.

So who was the other org?


Funny as hell.
Where can I go meet Acid Head ?

I joined and got my ministers certification also.
When it slows down I do weddings.


I could imagine a counter video about inspectors from the California Real Estate Inspection Poser Association (CREIPA)

Or more likely a lawsuit. We likely don’t have grounds but maybe we’ll make someone spend a couple hundred thousand dollars in legal fees defending themselves in court. They can go bankrupt trying to prove they’re right.

I “Double Dog Dare Ya” to do it!

I bet Ian could put that together in an afternoon.:mrgreen:

Now that is the Nick we have all grown to love so much!:mrgreen: