Join NACHI before July 31, 2007 and receive free inspection software!

Become a new member in NACHI before July 31, 2007, and receive a free one-year license for HI-Spec Pro inspection software. Visit HI-Port Systems “NACHI Advantage Program” site either through the NACHI Mall or click on the following link:

If you are thinking about joining NACHI, this is one more benefit and one more reason to become a member. HI-Port Systems invites you as a potential new member to explore the many opportunities that comes with being a member of the NACHI family.

We also invite current NACHI members to explore our “NACHI Advantage” program at this LINK or clicking through from the HI-Port Sytems link in the NACHI mall. With this program, HI-Port Systems offers periodic specials to NACHI members.

Our key product, HI-Spec Pro inspection business software, is available for a free 30-day trial. HI-Spec Pro combines many features into one software package to help you build and manage your inspection business. HI-Spec Pro is designed to make data entry for inspections fast and easy, and provides a detailed report styles to provide concise, comprehensive, and reader-friendly formats. Coming in July is a new release, HI-Spec Pro 4v1, with many feature enhansements.

Phil Acker, Vice President
HI-Port Systems Inc.


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Phil Acker, HI-Port Systems

We welcome a new member to NACHI from Huntsville Alabama, and our congratulations for being the first to receive a free one-year license for HI-Spec Pro software, as part of our July promotion. If you are joining NACHI in July, take advantage this is an additional member benefit! The one-year license is valued at $249.00.

Welcome new member from Huntsville, Alabama!!

New NACHI members: just a reminder to take advantage of this promotion before the July 31, 2007 closing.

More About HI-Spec Pro software
We’re pleased to announce that HI-Spec Pro 4v1 is now available. Download your free 30-day trial.

Big savings if you purchase HI-Spec Pro 4v1 before September 30th. Pay only $489.00, a savings of $400! Purchase online at