Join the snow club !

Join the club…has it ever snowed over the actual Gulf Coast shores before ? Snow on the beach there would be awesome.:stuck_out_tongue:

Next stop…San Diego.

Don’t know about the coast, but it sucks in DFW.

Yep. Christmas eve 2004. Snow from Mexico to Houston.

Texas weather clearing for Superbowl?

I think the Packer fans here brought it with them !!

Kids have been off school since Tuesday due to Ice storm on Monday/Tuesday night and temps not getting above 20 for the since then.

Roads were finally getting better yesterday and last night we got 4 - 7 inches of snow. Temps still in the teens and 20s. Supposed to get close to 30 today maybe. Forecast for the weekend is slightly higher with highs in the 40s.

I know people from the north scoff at the reaction here to winter weather. But I have to say, we just do not have the infrastructure to handle this weather. Our houses are not built for it, we don’t have snowplows (they have been making a big deal about the fact that Dallas has 18 (imported) snow plows running and FT Worth has 12.) Besides which there just is not a whole lot you can do on ice. We had rolling blackouts because the energy production plants were not prepared to handle the demand of the cold weather.

I have both outside faucets frozen and one bathroom with no water from a frozen pipe that happened the first night. I spent hours on Wednesday looking for the supply lines to that room and could not find them. Plumbers are going to be busy this weekend when it warms up. I have already scheduled several IR moisture scans for next week for people who have frozen pipes and want to make sure they don’t start leaking when they thaw.

It is a mess.

As far as the Superbowl, I did an inspection this week for a employee of the Cowboys who said that they have not officially canceled any Superbowl events yet. But I am sure attendance is way down. REally bad for all the small business that were expecting a huge week, since many were forced to close or had no traffic. Hopefully things will clear enough this weekend for them to get back to some semblance of normal for the game.

You can have ours, 3 ft and just starting to melt, more on the way.

thats it Im moving:)