Joining two - 220 lines - 1 copper, 1 aluminum

Can you join two 220 lines, and if so what’s the safest way? Secondly, can you join aluminum (from the breaker box) to copper safely? We are relocating the stove to the other side of the kitchen and need about 25’ of 220 to get there. The current line at the plug is aluminum. I bought copper. Okay to use?

Please, please, please call a licensed electrician.

“so what’s the safest way?”

Hire a professional…it’s that simple.

Please call a qualified electrician.

AND in the event you are still stubborn enough to do it yourself…BUY A NEC CODE BOOK while you are buying that copper wire. It costs less than the wire and just might save your life…but not as much as actually calling a Licensed Electrician will.

Hope you took the advice of the others and Hire a professional.