Joist reinforcement for toilet drain - Ontario code question

Hi there,

I’m planning a bathroom renovation, and likely will refactor the layout of the space. One proposal has the toilet moving to a different corner.

We’re all well aware that putting 3" drain pipe through 2x8 joists isn’t supported under any building code, pretty much anywhere.

However, I’m curious if the Ontario building code allows for joist reinforcing products such as this product from metwood, link below.™

I’d need to cut a hole for a toilet drain through an already sistered 2x8, and could reinforce the hole with this steel offering. They claim its even stronger than before the hole was cut.
Would that be acceptable under Ontario Building Code?

many thanks for any insights!

Contact the manufacturer of the product, and ask them if the item has been tested and approved., and ask for verification.

Then call your local building department, and ask them directly–every municipality is different.

You’ll probably need an engineer to design the repair.

I would give your local AHJ a call and run it by him.

If you are planning a bathroom renovation in Ontario (Canada), that requires movement of a fitting such as a toilet, it needs a permit, and it should be carried out by a licensed plumber. The plumber would then be responsible for ensuring the correct support was installed and you would not be held liable for faults if and when you come to sell.