Joists pulling apart at beam

Here are some 2x10 floor joists which were clearly nailed together at one point in time, located directly above the main beam in a 26 foot wide crawl space. it is strange, but someone or something caused them to separate or shift. I am curious what everyone’s thoughts are on this situation. Should there be bridging or blocking installed between the joists above the main beam? There was diagonal bracing or bridging about halfway between the span from beam to foundation / sill. It did not stop this from happening. I see no adverse effects from this upstairs. Floors are solid and not springy, level and plumb, no cracking in walls or ceilings, etc. Issue or non-issue?

I am not an engineer but I would think some bridging could have been installed the keep the, what I guess, was the wet green lumber used in construction. I would mention it in my report and suggest monitoring for further movement in the future.

BTW Don’t you wish all crawlspaces looked like that one;)

Hope thishelps

Thanks Douglas, I am moving the thread to Emergency Forum as I need to get some other input for the report, due in about an hour…lol