JonBinnet Ramsey

Good news,10 years later… police focused on parents too much,classic example of tunnel vision. This was a very sad story from the beginning.


Wednesday, authorities announced they had made an arrest in the murder case in Bangkok, Thailand.
Residents in the neighborhood say they are hopeful the arrest will bring closure to the case and to the family.
“It’s unfortunate that this has all happened, but it truly would be nice if there was some closure for the family,” said John Schutz, a neighbor.
“It’s just a house at this point. The family has moved on in numerous ways. It’s just another piece of land in our neighborhood,” said Schutz.
However, some say that until they get more information they are remaining a bit skeptical.
“It’s probably good for the City of Boulder. You know, it’s something that’s been hanging over Boulder for a really long time,” said Jon Spark, another neighbor. “Something like this, you just hope that it’s actually what it is, what they say it is; not just some guy coming out and just making some statements and it just ends up falling through the floor.”
The house that the Ramseys lived in now has another owner. However, neighbors say they do not believe anyone is living there.
The home is currently for sale.

(Note to Self: If contracted to inspect the old Ramsey place, recommend installation of new entry alarm system.)

Poor taste

Yep. Kind of like an out of control news media so hard up for headlines and to sell magazines at the checkout line that they would exploit the death of a little girl to make a handful of cash.

What makes this little girl’s death any more disgusting or tragic than the hundreds of children who are murdered every year in all parts of the country who don’t have rich parents who are mistaken as suspects?

Yep. Poor taste, indeed.

The guy they arrested in Thailand is a flake. We’ll see if his story really checks out. In any case he should probably not be part of open society.