Josh ASPEC home inspections northwest Ohio

don’t know if he’s a Nachi member but he informs homeowners of inferior interior lol basement drainage systems like one in this video… 1:05 crumbling block visible, what you can’t see from inside is the possibility some of the exterior of blocks are in same shape, or worse as in photo below. Nice job Josh - tell it like it is, don’t be 'Fraidy cat

The basement was NOT waterproofed and anyone who says it was is a moron on this subject = full of crap, incompetent

Sometimes, some exterior blocks crumble, deteriorate, disintegrate and when they do you’ll have bigger problems


all of a sudden can’t load photo on here lol

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Like he said, nothing more than water management and does not fix the problem. Just going to get worse and all that money paid out is out the window.
Maybe Young’n will tell you how to fix it. LOL


The WAFI authority on 20 billion years of digging in the dirt that caused beer alcoholism

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haha!!! Mistttter C, funny sht man! Yeah, Youngieeeeeee has a ton of experience and is so eloquent, maybe i should go to Young Un’s Professional Speakers Society and learn how to phrase sht like CA man does, got MILK?

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cool, seems at least some Nachi members get it, the others around me here in Michigan are interior system booty kissers or raise 'n slope the grade types


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umm see the original video by home inspector??? he is correct, wish more HI’s would do what he did but whatever.

NOW, watch this video, they actually say-think they hired a professional!!!

says it cost 10,000… least it wasn’t the usual $15,000 +++

Jesus man, there ARE exterior cracks in those block walls, cracked parging if parging was even applied… the water has been, still is, getting in through THOSE and that is what is causing most of the mold and efflorescence.

And note again, they covered the basement walls so now nobody will see water, possible cracks widening, mold, effloersence! Sheeeesh, just because whoever had an INT system installed and NOW… does not see water on the floor, does NOT at all mean they, the scamming supposed professional company ‘watertproofed’ the basement! It does NOT mean THEY fixed, repaired, waterproofed the actual problems just because you don’t see/get water on FLOOR!!!

They scammed ya is what they did, water is still entering those walls and will likely cause more mold, effloresence behind the crap they put on-against the walls and since they didn’t dig aka, remove any of the likely causes of the cracks n leaks, then there is real possibilty some cracks may widen or wall may bow in = idiotzzzzzz Just because you now cannot SEE the basement walls does not remotely mean you don’t have water coming through them, doesn’t mean the mold n effloerscence is gone n won’t get worse, shaking mmfgh – they actually BELIEVE they got a good job done n that the basement was waterproofed when, truth is, it was NOT!

Allowing water to continue to enter aka penetrate those basement walls and divert it around periemter is NOT ‘waterproofing’, never has been never will be, at best… for now, they diverted the incoming water, they didn’t waterproof a damn thing.

Soooo, will the renters have a bedroom in basement now? Will a kid or Granny whoever sleep down there? Do they have asthma or a weakened immune system? idiots

Remember some walls will bowed in and collapse, just like the story posted in Trentonian, a mother was killed in basement because the basement block wall (s) collpase, they collapsed because of chronic water PENETRATION through the block walls. More Americans are getting dumber by the day, sorry to say and scammers, like in this business, get away with this crap all the time. Question for these homeowners, did they get a permit from city? If so, then when city inspector okays this aka passes inspection THEN… THEY TOO are guilty of incompetence n not looking out for the owners best interest, damn right man. As long as the city gets their permit money $$$, that’s all that matters to them, NO shttt

ya think water doesn’t deteriorate, sometimes disintegrate block walls? How about tree roots? Clay soil?
click this picture

this video, this is similar to what they have (the video done by professional scammer), OPEN on the exterior of those basement walls, maybe worse

This wall got worse, even after another/different INT system company installed their stupid INT system and it still leaked, mold and efflorescence inside even after they put in the DUMB system

So again, Josh from ASPECT Home inspections in Ohio 'GETS IT" on this subject, that’s why you peeps buying/selling a house need him or someone like him to inspect the house, find him or one of the good Nachi inspectors who ‘get it’ – what matters more to ya, a broken door KNOB or your foundation walls, mold etc ???

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