July 4th Tuesday Night Auction. Home Inspection Business-Boosting Package. Bid now!



Includes a C3, CMI fee, two-years of InterNACHI membership, a gas detector, and much more.


I see what’s going on and that’s very clever, but you can’t fool Ole’ Michael. Nick posts about an awesome CMI® package, bids $10.00 like normal and then posts what it includes which is in the thousands. Okay, I agree it’s worth a lot more than what it went for last week. Nick and Inspector Outlet almost lost bigtime at around $500.00 which they would have honored. Nick thinks Hmmm … How can I stop that from happening once again? He answers saying: I’ll create a fake account and call myself Inspector Jason Stevenson. Nick (Jason Stevenson) comes in 20 minutes later and places his starting bid at $1,000.00

Very wise indeed Nick and I don’t blame you but you can’t fool this guy. Once you read this, I’ll delete my reply, so no one else sees what’s going on and starts to think and figure stuff out by putting the pieces together.

Michael writes:

Uh, no. We do lose a lot of money on every Tuesday night at these auctions.

Anyway, here is his website: http://www.parkland.abuyerschoice.com/about-us.html . He looks like a real person to me.

You must be new here…;-):mrgreen:



So you get accused as being fraudulent.
Just great… an apology would be the honorable thing to do.

I would never do such a thing.

Anyway, last week’s package wasn’t as good. It didn’t have the dress shirt and had a C2. This week’s has a C3 Infrared Camera which is a $700 IR camera.

Last week’s auction went for $1,700.

Hope that helps.

Someone always gets a great deal, every Tuesday night.


Marc A. Goldenberg and Nick Gromicko, come on now. I never accused Nick of being fraudulent but if that’s what you think happened, then I apologize. You must not have read the part where I said that Nick and InterNACHI would have honored it. I go and joke around and it’s taken wrong but you guys can belittle others, criticize and bash them for years. That was a joke between me and Nick and quite honestly Marc, with all due respect: I don’t give 2 turtle ****s what you think. You see now Nick Gromicko what inspector’s have been trying to tell you for years. That’s why my wife and daughter (2 InterNACHI Inspectors) will never post on the InterNACHI forum. Just yesterday on another thread Nick, you told a newbie that’s what we do - we throw pokes and have fun with each other. Now when I have fun, it’s taken out of context and I’m treated like a child after I deleted my post. Might as well of said: Go stand in the corner or you’re grounded young man. I don’t answer to Marc A. Goldenberg and to be honest, nobody else. I’m a grown man who has been through more ×××× than most of your guys put together. Don’t question me or call me out, when I was joking with Nick and then delete my post. Maybe I was trained different 21 years ago, when I was taught as a home inspector to look at things, put the pieces together and figure out what is going on.

Nick, if you took this the way Marc A. Goldenberg said, then I do apologize. I was just joking and I thought that you would know that. If there is any problem with anything that I post or do as a proud InterNACHI member for over 7+ years, then you have my contact information and the power to change things. Home Inspection is my life and I try not to offend anyone.

I doubt very many people respect Nick Gromicko as much as I do. Stop twisting things around, trying to brown nose and make me look bad. I am that 1 guy that your parents warned you about: The quite guy who stays to himself, that you never want to piss off. So 1 last word of wisdom: Let it go man, let it go.

Apology accepted. Nice try Mr. Big Quiet Guy.
You’ve complained before on this subject of auctions.

Love these auctions they always make some one Happy .
Thanks Nick for doing these .

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Me too. They are always fun for everyone, and outrageously profitable for the winner.