Junction box covers

Did the code ever allow junction boxes to be open with no covers?

I know it should always be reported, just curious, someone told me it was not always a code requirement.

I don’t have the date when junction boxes were finally required, but I’d venture to guess that covers have always been required on boxes.

We used junction boxes when we were building my two uncles’ houses in South Texas 1972-1974. They had covers then.

I’ve seen j-box and covers as early as 1917 but the house wiring was run in conduit or flex…not the norm for its time

Found the photo
all of the boxes had the wing nut doors

My parent’s house, built right after WWII, had junction boxes in the attic that had no covers at all. In fact the wiring was simply sticking up above the box and was just twisted together - no wire nuts or tape of any kind ! Being a very curious future EE, I recall once laying a hammer across two such connections, only to have the lights go out and to hear my father yell “Franklin, what are you doing up there ?”:mrgreen: