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What is the protocol for multiple junction boxes in a home. One location in the basement had (8) junction boxes within a 3’ area. New panel and wiring previously installed. The weird thing was that the panel was located only 10’ away from all these junction boxes. Not sure why they did not just run the new wires directly to the panel.

Most likely wires were in the way of something they were installing and it’s not always very easy to run a new home-run with out tearing up walls. Just a guess.

Maybe they had to splice new conductors (extend them) when they moved the panel.

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In reference to the number of junction boxes question there is no theoretical limit as long as they are all accessible (not concealed). If other items (additional wiring, pipes, etc) block access to the junction boxes then that is a concern that should be noted.

Some of the important things to consider regarding junction boxes for HI’s is to make sure they are accessible, have proper cover plates, supported properly, No openings that are not required to be plugged (ie. weep holes do not need to be plugged, etc) sized properly for the conductors inside (in case a DIYer added more than originally intended) and where required Listed for the application to which they are being used.

Just some thoughts on it.

Another thing to keep in mind for future thoughts. When someone splices into a homerun in order to move a panel, they extend the branch circuit to a new location then they are modifying the branch circuit…thus if the NEC in effect at the time of the move requires AFCI protection on circuits in specific areas…they are not exempt when they modify the branch circuit (210.12)…if they just upgrade a panel and don’t change the branch circuits then no AFCI’s would be required on the upgrade.

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Thanks Paul. I wasn’t aware of the branch circuit modification rule, but it absolutely makes sense. Good seeing you again!

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Yep…Just more complexity to a PERFECT Code…yes it’s perfect to me:roll:

However, just so everyone is clear on the new exemption added in the 2014 NEC I will post the section. Enjoy my friends.

210.12(B) Branch Circuit Extensions or Modifications — Dwelling Units. In any of the areas specified in 210.12(A), where branch-circuit wiring is modified, replaced, or ex- tended, the branch circuit shall be protected by one of the following:

(1) A listed combination-type AFCI located at the origin of the branch circuit
(2) A listed outlet branch-circuit type AFCI located at the first receptacle outlet of the existing branch circuit

**[NEW]**Exception: AFCI protection shall not be required where
the extension of the existing conductors is not more than
1.8 m (6 ft) and does not include any additional outlets or

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